THW Water-to-Water Series

The THW Series is unlike any other water-to-water heat pump on the market today. The large operating map of the scroll compressor allows high temperature operation, up to 145°F [63°C] leaving load water temperature even at 32°F [0°C] entering source water temperature. The combination of a coaxial (tube-in-tube) heat exchanger for the source (ground loop) side and a brazed plate heat exchanger for the load (heating/hot water) side provides very high efficiencies. Integral controls for hydronic heating and domestic water heating avoid the need for external microprocessor-based controls for outdoor temperature reset, warm weather shutdown, staging and other controls.

Available in size 10kW [32,600 Btuh] for 60Hz voltages, and sizes 8kW, 10kW and 12kW for 50Hz voltages, the THW offers a heat pump for most any installation. The THW has an extended range refrigeration circuit, capable of ground loop (geothermal) applications as well as open loop (well water) applications. Standard features and factory-installed options are many. Unique application-specific controls make the THW Series ideal for hydronic heating and domestic hot water generation. The heating-only refrigeration circuit is optimized for high water temperatures, heating efficiencies, and capacities.

ClimateMaster’s exclusive double isolation compressor mounting system, insulated compressor enclosure, and compressor discharge muffler make the THW Series one of the quietest water-to-water heat pumps available. The attractive “Euro-style” cabinet allows the unit to fit into any decor.
  • Size 10kW [32,600 Btuh] for 60Hz voltages; sizes 8kW, 10kW, and 12kW for 50Hz voltages
  • High temperature scroll compressor, up to 145°F [63°C] leaving water temperature
  • Ultra high efficiencies (4.2 COP at ground loop conditions; up to 5.5 COP at ground water conditions!)
  • Built-in programmable controller with Outdoor Temperature Reset and Warm Weather Shutdown
  • Large, back-lit digital user interface
  • Rugged coaxial (tube-in-tube) “Source” heat exchanger (copper or cupronickel)
  • Close approach temperature brazed plate stainless steel “Load” heat exchanger
  • Galvanized steel construction with protective powder coat paint and stainless steel, hinged front access door
  • Unique double compressor isolation, compressor enclosure, and discharge muffler for Ultra quiet operation
  • “Euro-style” cabinet for attractive look
  • Hinged front access door and 3 removable panels for ease of installation and service
  • Insulated cabinet with foil backed insulation for ease of cleaning
  • Flush-mount 1” IPT fittings, secured to the cabinet (no backup wrench required)
  • TXV metering device
  • 12-point low voltage terminal strip for ease of installation
  • Disconnect and CE Mark controls for 50Hz units
  • ETL safety listing for 60Hz units
  • Wide variety of options including 3-way valve for domestic hot water generation, factory-installed internal load and source pump(s), factory-installed expansion tanks, black/stainless cabinet, or appliance white.