Genesis Outdoor Split Series

With the installation of the Genesis Outdoor Split geothermal unit, your monthly utility bills will lower dramatically, leaving more savingsfor you and your family. Spend your savings on more pleasurable pursuits - take a vacation, redecorate the house, or join a health club.

Low Cost Installation: Better yet, the design of the Genesis Outdoor Split moves beyond the traditional benefits associated with
geothermal unitsby offering additional savings through lower installation costs.

Since the Genesis Outdoor Split replaces your current outdoor unit, you can connect directly to your existing interior equipment and avoid additional installation and remodeling expenses.

The innovative design of the Genesis Outdoor Split offers a variety of cost saving installation options available for the first time with a geothermal system. This unique engineering allows the unit to be installed outside, using your current system connections without changes or special modifications. Just add a
ground loop, and you are in business.

  • With this new design, you can even install a Genesis Outdoor Split exactly as you would a conventional air conditioning system. The ground loop system stays outside, further simplifying the replacement of your current system. Upgrading your heating and cooling system has never been so easy.
  • A definitive breakthrough, you can now enjoy your ground loop, a Genesis Outdoor Split unit, and all the savings of geothermal technology with less hassle.
  • Generally, there is no need to change your indoor equipment or upgrade your current electric service. And since the entire loop is outside, your installation costs can be even lower.
  • A perfect design for retrofit applications, the Genesis Outdoor Split is designed to work where you never thought geothermal was possible.

Unit Features:

  • Designed for easy installation
  • Lower installed costs
  • Low operating costs
  • Super high efficiency performance
  • Quieter operation
  • Can be installed anywhere outdoors/indoors
  • CXM Control Module with status/fault LED and fault retry for enhanced reliability